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            is a full-service agency based in the heart of Amsterdam dedicated to     
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We believe that great ideas come from being true to yourself and not being afraid to take risks. We don't create cookie-cutter campaigns, WE craft unique & authentic stories that awakens your Soul Clients.

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if your ready to grow your business, one of these are for you

if your ready to grow your business, one of these are for you

welcome, I'm thalia

a successful businesswoman and spiritual mentor who understands the power of combining spiritual practices with practical business strategies. After 10 years of studying international business and working a 9-5 I still felt unfulfilled, I then made the decision to pursue my true passion – helping others live the life of their dreams.

Meet Thalia, the owner and creative force behind La Clé Agency. With a passion for all things marketing and a drive for success,Thalia set out to create a different kind of agency – one that focuses on unconventional strategies and bold ideas.



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