start strategically planning your 2023 to stay goal-focused

Have you ever used someones strategy and planning tips and realized they were NOT helping you as they where them?
That's because you are unique, and you need something that works for you!

i need this

plan by 


my journey to complete       

i was always working based on what i thought i needed, but over the years each time i got out of my routine for a while, it took me months to get back in. This was not working for me...


Until I really started to understand the deeper meaning of learning what it is to be a (manifesting) generator and that structure is something I just need. I started applying my strategy background mixed with human design and it helped me get




and less stress about "what's next".

- Set your Business goals
- A Visual year planner (worth €9,99)
- How to plan by DESIGN
- Checklist for your energy type (worth €7,99)
- Mantra for your energy type (priceless)
- Desktop screensaver (as shown on the desktop) for each month of 2023 (worth €29,99)
- BONUS worth €17,99: Trello Content Planner template

i'm a manifestor

what's included:

plan by


a vision board with strategic goals to stay focused and achieve them!

I'm a mani-gen

I'm a generator

I'm a projector

I'm a reflector

purchase per type

(press here if you don't know your type yet)

actual worth €65,96

your 1-time investment €20,23

if you want the rest of your year2023 to be the year that you           

finally have:

A clear vision of what you are building
Getting those funds and taking a well deserved vacay!
Clarity about what you need and what strategy works best based on your Human Design
A done-for-you planner, checklist, and mantra based on your energy type
A method that will help you achieve the goal you are working on
Less stress and more fun

grab the planner


not a one-size fits all!

We are continuously becoming more aware of our own power and strengths. So why not use it to truly live a life we can be proud of, can help others grow, can set a good foundation for our children?

oke i'm ready!

It all starts with a vision, a plan, a goal. 

if we haven't met yet

I am Thalia, a Business consultant for leaders who want to connect their business with their purpose.

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