A bold woman, mom of a teen, Caribbean X Amsterdam, and a love for all things Spiritual and LatinX. 

A soul that came here to help others excel in their journey by sharing mine. What started as a leap of faith in 2019, has finally grown into a business that I can say I’m not just proud of, but still fall in love with everyday. 

Let's text

La Cle 
The Key in French
Of crucial importance.

The story
behind the key

Realizing this 9-5 life is not for me. I began the search for something that could really give me meaning and purpose. 
In 2018 I started a fitness journey, an account to inspire, and hopefully attain my dream body (reality check, still searching for that dream body).
2019 I realized marketing and story telling is something I am and always was passionate about, and social media was just the way to do it. I started La Cle Management as a social media managing freelancer working for whoever, at whatever price… 

how it started

how it's going

Almost 3 years in, I failed, lost, and gained so much more in the process of Building my Empire. 

No longer a ONE WOMAN SHOW

Meet Melissa!

An Aries, creative mind, writer and loves everything design, she is even more analytical than me. Lists and excel sheets are kind of her lullaby. Her presence has helped La Clé Management level up and aiming to achieve greatness together. 

our values

Unconventional method

The approach we take, speaks louder than the masses with the foresight of long-term lifespan creating purposeful momentum that protects your brand from becoming stagnant.

Passionately Ambitious

Filled with passion and driven by ambition, our methods are a never simple and always bold. Ambition to top our previous projects and always move forward. This ambition is a promise and it is rooted in our DNA.

Detail Oriented

Great design is in the details. From how your business is perceived, to the way your product, service, or you is portrayed in your content, ALL DETAILS MATTER!

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