I help you align your purpose with your brand, attracting your tribe and converting them into paying clients by combining proven business strategies with your unique Human Design

I help you align your purpose with your brand, 

attracting your tribe and converting them into paying clients by combining proven business strategies with your unique Human Design. 

align your purpose

attracting your tribe 


your tribe 

paying clients

unique human



human design

With an unconventional strategy to GROW your business to the next level!

I am all in!

does this sound familiar?

Not sure about your brand look and feel

you don’t have a strong story, and your content is not reaching the right audience.

You are posting on social media but getting drained and stressed.

It isn’t giving the outcome you’ve expected. You really feel like you are just putting content out there without a real strategy or motivation anymore.

You had some good years in your business but you are currently hitting a wall when it comes to growth

and that imposter syndrome is really kicking in because all these other boss babes are really killing it. Why aren’t I? 

You have some returning clients but not enough to be sure to leave that job you don’t really like

and it’s really sucking up all your energy that you could’ve used in your business.

Your message is not really coming trough to people

why don’t they see your worth?! You are damn sure your product/service will truly help them.

Well… then it’s time to finally trust the Universe and truly listen to your inner voice and follow a path made just for you! 

Are you ready to turn this around and really start implementing proven strategies while also living more in alignment with your lifes purpose? 

If your gut just went “hell yeah” then book that strategy call because your sacral just answered for you ⬇️

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Are you ready to invest in yourself and start thriving in your business and life?

Business by Design is created to help you finally live a Financial Independent lifestyle while thriving as a business owner! Together we will dive deep for 6 months to create a SOLID foundation that will change the way you do business.

With Human Design as a Tool, you will learn how to best work on your business to generate the cash and freedom to live life YOUR WAY!

business by design will help you


Grow as a business owner to scale your business


Implement strategies to get monthly returning clients


Create a strong brand that attracts your tribe consistently


Implement a routine tailor made for you to live life free of worry

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Human Design is about understanding your strengths and seeing the opportunities that come your way clearer. 

It is a way how we can market, sell, and truly FEEL GOOD about whatever content we put out there. 

It helped me live more in alignment, follow my dream, and actually make a living doing what I love. AND help others in the process. 

program breakdown

human design

A complete deep-dive in your Human Design chart, who you are, how you lead best, what sales strategy is fit for you, and how you can best share your content online.


Converting your brand into TIMELESS and MAGNETIZING to attract your tribe automatically. An authentic representation of your unique self.

social media strategy

Applying PROVEN online marketing strategies for your social media for a consistent and impactful online presence.

automated workflow

Applying automated workflows to help you scale your business faster and easier.


Leveling up your mindset to rid you off imposter syndrome to fully focus and commit to your goals

live life like its supposed to

By creating a routine uniquely based on your design, you can start living a life more fulfilling, less stressful, and with more time on your hands to truly live life like it was intended for you.

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what if you could have a brand that you love and attract paying clients automatically...

"Is that even possible for me? I'm just a small business..."

I am here to show you the IMPOSSIBLE made POSSIBLE for all of us!

Just because you're not a Kardashian (yup I love KUWTK, itz my inspo) doesn't mean you can't use these influential business strategies as well.
By truly understanding the market, and your own strengths, we can implement proven strategies to work for you and create your own Kylie Empire!

to attract returning clients with a timeless brand

a solid and consistent social media presence

to gain complete confidence in yourself, your offer, and your future self

If you want:

have a clear strategy for the upcoming years in your business and your life

Then I have the answers, proven strategies, and methods you need!

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