Dive deep into your unique design and step into your power

by understanding your strengths and weaknesses you can start trusting yourself and embrace your uniqueness.

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During this 1 on 1 session, we will dive deep into your personal e-book. We will discuss your chart, goals and how you can best achieve them while staying in alignment with your true self. And you will have the opportunity to ask anything you would like to know about your design and business approach.

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A 1 on 1 session of 90 minutes 

Before we begin, I will ask you specific questions to what you want to get out of this reading. I will then dive deep and create a unique e-book for you about your Human Design. It will focus on the part you want to know more about. Human Design can go very in dept, so I want to make sure you get what you really want out of this reading.

deep dive in your chart

This session can be a lot, so I do advice to take it all in and ask any questions you might have a couple days after.
You will also receive the e-book, and recorded reading so you can go deeper into this whenever you feel like it.

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This unique e-book will outline your throat and centers, your business archetype, your mercury, and the best way you can show up on social media.
After our session, I will add any relevant information you have just asked for, into the e-book, so you will have a complete overview.

book a reading

a complete unique e-book based on your design

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I am Thalia, a Business consultant for leaders who want to connect their business with their purpose.

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